Hound Rats are enemies in Dark Souls III.


Large rats that lurk in the darkest depths of Lothric. Although weak, they can be dangerous in packs. They come in various sizes, ranging from the size of a large dog, up to a medium-sized car, and they are identical in behavior to other rat enemies throughout the series.

They will usually scurry toward the player and perform one or two sideways bites. However, very frequently they will stop at a distance for a moment and then lunge themselves forward, biting the player while in midair.



Hound Rats will pose little threat alone if the player is careful. However, they always appear in packs and will attempt to mob the player.

Ranged weapons can be used to thin their numbers as they close in, and wide-swinging weapons are quite effective for taking out multiple rats at once.

It is advisable to raise a shield if they close the distance, as some of them will lunge themselves toward the player, making them lose balance among the rest of the other rats' attacks.




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