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This article is about the gameplay mechanic in Dark Souls III. For the characters, see Lords of Cinder.

A Host of Embers, sometimes referred to as Lord of Cinder mode, is a gameplay mechanic in Dark Souls III.


There are several ways to become a Host of Embers:

  • Consume an Ember.
  • Defeat an area boss.
  • As a summoned white/yellow phantom, aid a host in defeating the area boss in their world.
  • As an invading mad spirit, fulfill duty by killing either the Host of Embers or a predetermined number of phantoms of any affiliation.


The Host of Embers mode acts in a similar way to how the Humanity mechanic was implemented in previous games.

Upon Restoring Ember, the player will gain a temporary boost to HP, increasing it by 30%. While in an area that has an active boss, many online features become active. The player may summon white phantoms, however they are also subject to invasion by dark spirits.

Ember status is lost upon player death.