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For the Dark Souls variant, see Homing Crystal Soulmass.
For the Dark Souls III variant, see Homing Crystal Soulmass (Dark Souls III).

Homing Crystal Soulmass is a sorcery in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

Soulbeads made more lethal with crystallization. When fired, they home in on their target.
Crystallization makes souls and sorceries all the more powerful.


From a corpse sitting on a pillar, slightly ahead of the third bonfire in Shrine of Amana.

General information[]

This spell summons multiple crystal orbs of soul mass around the caster's head. As the Intelligence stat is increased, the caster will gain more orbs. These milestones are shown here:

Number of Soulmasses Icon DaSII Intelligence
2 27 [1]
3 32
4 40
5 50

Attunement milestones[]

Like all other spells, the amount of casts per slot increases upon reaching certain Attunement milestones:

Attunement Level Amount of Casts
10 3
32 4
49 5
94 6



Let's play Dark souls II - 126 -Peculiar Kindalur invasion and homming crystal soulmass location

Homming crystal soulmass location (skip to 03:00)


  1. Cast with 5 Spices in SotFS.
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