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For the Dark Souls variant, see Hollow Soldier.
For the Dark Souls II variant, see Hollow Soldier (Dark Souls II).

Hollow Soldiers are enemies in Dark Souls III.


Formerly the standard infantry of Lothric, Hollow Soldiers have been reduced to wretches endlessly patrolling alongside the much more fearsome Lothric Knights. Dressed in the Deserter Set, Hollow Soldiers can be identified by their shiny helmets and blue shoulder shroud.

They fit a variety of combat roles, with some using only swords, to spears, shields, and crossbows with flaming bolts. When faced alone, Hollow Soldiers are often easily outmaneuver due to their slow attacks. However, encountering one often means that more skulk about, often playing dead or hiding and will strike once another has been alerted.


High Wall of Lothric

  • Soldiers of all variants comprise the main opposing force of this area. They frequently appear alongside other hollows and hounds.

Farron Keep

  • A group of soldiers, one or two at most of each variant, dwells at the top of the ruined grand bridge that leads to the Undead Settlement, above the room that homes the Old Wolf of Farron altar. They are all initially found in a passive state but will turn hostile if the lantern-wielding hollow among them is allowed to wake them up.

Lothric Castle

Grand Archives

  • A large group of soldiers of all variants hold stand, entrenched along the great bridge that leads to Lothric's and Lorian's throne room, along with several red-eyed Lothric Knights behind them that comprise the castle's last line of defense.



  • Affected by Alluring Skulls.
  • Affected by Rapport.
  • Weak against Poison and Toxic.
  • They have a long recovery time after an attack (approximately 3-4 seconds) allowing for an easy backstab.
  • Spear-wielding hollows will attempt to heal using an Estus Flask.
  • The lantern-wielding hollows will call upon other hollows within the vicinity with a scream if not killed quickly.


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