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The High Wall of Lothric is a location in Dark Souls III.


Accessible immediately after discovering Firelink Shrine, the High Wall serves as the perimeter of the city of Lothric, and will have the player navigating and fighting through its fortifications. The player begins at the summit of the wall, and will work their way downstairs until they reach the courtyards below.

Caution is highly advised when traversing the wall. Enemies are usually lying dormant or hidden behind walls and objects, ready to ambush the unwary. A wyvern appears early on, and will serve as a fire-breathing obstacle. Several Lothric Knights and a Winged Knight also patrol the area, and will prove to be formidable opponents for new players.

Towards the end of the area, the player will encounter High Priestess Emma, who grants them the Small Lothric Banner and Way of Blue covenant.

The area has two bosses: Vordt of the Boreal Valley, who guards the entrance to the Undead Settlement, and the Dancer of the Boreal Valley, who guards the entrance to Lothric Castle. Although the Dancer is intended to be fought much later in the game, players can face her early by killing Emma.

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  • In the early demos, the High Wall of Lothric was named the "Wall of Lodeleth".[1]
  • The building of the Grand Archives, when viewed from the High Wall, was radically altered between the early demos and the final game. It was much smaller in the demos and the two bridges were longer.[2]
  • There is a dead Outrider Knight in the cell where the Darkwraith is found.