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For the Dark Souls III variant, see Hidden Body (Dark Souls III).

Hidden Body is a Sorcery in Dark Souls.

In-Game Description

Ancient sorcery of the lost land of Oolacile. Turns body nearly invisible.
Although perfect invisibility is unachievable due to the risk of dissipation, the caster need only stand still for a moment to blend in to environs with astounding camouflage.


General information[]

Hidden Body renders the player partially transparent, and decreases the range of which hostiles are aggroed. Its effect is similar to (but stronger than) wearing the Ring of Fog. Hidden Body's effects stack with those of the Ring of Fog's against non-player enemies.

Casting Hidden Body prevents spells such as Homing Soulmass and Pursuers from activating.

  • Lasts 30 seconds.