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Hexer's Hood
Physical Defense 23 Poise 0
Strike Defense 25 Poison Resist 10
Slash Defense 22 Bleed Resist 9
Thrust Defense 22 Petrify Resist 13
Magic Defense 17 Curse Resist 12
Fire Defense 25
Lightning Defense 17 Durability 55
Dark Defense 17 Weight 0.9
Required & Bonus Attributes
Required Strength Required Dexterity Required Intelligence Required Faith Physical Defense Bonus
Type Head Armor

The Hexer's Hood is a head armor piece in Dark Souls II. It is part of the Hexer's Set.

In-Game Description

Hood worn by a hexer.
Grants slight increase to spell uses.
Belonged to Felkin the Outcast.
Hexing appears to be an offshoot of sorcery, but its specific origins are unknown.
Effect: Increases number of casts for each spell


Gift from Felkin the Outcast. Receiving it requires the player to have at least 20 Intelligence and 20 Faith. Alternatively it can be acquired by killing Felkin and then purchasing it from Merchant Hag Melentia for 3600 souls.

See Also: Saint's Hood.[]


  • Increases number of casts for all attuned spells by 1.
  • Removing the item after equipping will not retain additional spell uses.
  • Raises Intelligence and Faith by 1 while wearing.