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Heide Knight Set
Physical Defense 289 Poise 49
Strike Defense 271 Poison Resist 94
Slash Defense 309 Bleed Resist 72
Thrust Defense 289 Petrify Resist 0
Magic Defense 59 Curse Resist 76
Fire Defense 54
Lightning Defense 42 Durability 360
Dark Defense 87 Weight 28.7
Type Medium Armor Set

The Heide Knight Set is a medium armor set in Dark Souls II.


Pieces of the set are dropped by Heide Knights, a non-respawning enemy, and only drops when the bonfire the Knight is closest to is at intensity 2 or higher. This makes the set hard to obtain, but the knights will always drop a random piece of their armor, or the weapon the defeated Knight is wielding, with the exception of the Heide Knight near the Shrine of Winter, who uses a sword, but drops the Heide Lance at intensity 1 and the Heide Greatlance at intensity 2.

In Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin, there are respawning Heide Knights at Heide's Tower of Flame, which makes it much easier to obtain the set. However, drop rate is low at the lowest bonfire intensity, and increases once the second intensity is reached.[citation needed]


The Heide Knight Set is a fairly balanced set, with its best qualities being its high defenses, along with decent poison, bleeding and curse resistance. However, it has unremarkable poise, no petrify resistance and is one of the heaviest medium armor sets.

Once fully upgraded, the defense is much higher, making it one of the better medium armor sets if one can handle its the poor poise-to-weight ratio.

Set pieces[]


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