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Heide Knight Leggings
Physical Defense 63 Poise 10
Strike Defense 59 Poison Resist 21
Slash Defense 68 Bleed Resist 16
Thrust Defense 63 Petrify Resist -
Magic Defense 11 Curse Resist 17
Fire Defense 14
Lightning Defense 9 Durability 90
Dark Defense 19 Weight 6.4
Required & Bonus Attributes
Required Strength Required Dexterity Required Intelligence Required Faith Physical Defense Bonus
Type Legs Armor

The Heide Knight Leggings are a legs armor piece in Dark Souls II.
They are part of the Heide Knight Set.

In-Game Description

Leggings worn by Heide Knights.
Whether Heide refers to a kingdom or was just a name for the land is not clear, for no records date back far enough to tell.
All that is known is that the Way of Blue has its origins in Heide, and that Heide was later subsumed by the sea.


Scholar of the First Sin[]

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