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Heide's Tower of Flame

Heide's Tower of Flame is a location in Dark Souls II.


Heide's Tower of Flame is a semi-flooded and ruined area filled with towers and arches, reminiscent of designs in Anor Londo from Dark Souls. The area is populated exclusively by Old Knights

There are three levers in this area, each revealed after defeating the nearby Old Knights: two can make the Dragonrider boss fight much easier by expanding the size of his arena, and the third lowers the drawbridge to the Cathedral of Blue and the Old Dragonslayer boss. The Old Knights will actively pursue fleeing players up to the Cathedral entrance. 

No-Man's Wharf can be reached through a series of tunnels underneath the tower after defeating the Dragonrider.


Heide is one of the oldest civilizations in the Drangleic region[1] and was founded by remnants of the late inhabitants of Anor Londo from whom they inherited various influences and knowledge.

In fact, Heide's Knights, who are so old that their armor is at the point of nearly-crumbing[2], still possess the Cracked Blue Eye Orbs[3]. These are the worn remains of the Blue Eye Orbs that were granted to the Blades of the Darkmoon, who served Dark Sun Gwyndolin to mete out the vengeance of the gods in the times of Anor Londo[4]. The original founders of Heide were once servants of Gwyndolin, being part of his covenant[5].

In addition, the inhabitants of Heide inherited the culture of Anor Londo, building their city in an architectural style similar to that of the ancient city of the gods[6][7], integrating an immense "Tower of Flame" celebrating the First Flame and adorning their structures with dozens of statues representing Gwyn, albeit in a distorted form and with his head replaced with the head of an eagle but still resembing the pose and characteristics of Gwyn's original representations with the sun medallion, sword and robes of the God of Sunlight[8][9] To add, a shield representing two intertwined "serpentine dragons" can be found in Heide[10], regarding the two creatures as "watchers of the flow of time" and depicting them as in contrast, one painted white and one black[11], implying that in the city least the Primordial Serpents and the conflicting ideologies of Kaathe and Frampt were partly known.

In Heide would also have originated the Way of Blue[12], which was not a developed religion but a humble prayer that spread naturally among those seeking help[13], but which eventually grew to the point that a huge Cathedral of Blue was built in the heart of the city. To fill the same role played by the Blades of the Darkmoon, the Blue Sentinels would be formed, a group that descended directly from the original Blades of the Darkmoon[14][15].They were tasked with defending the apostles of Blue from evil spirits[16] by traveling between space and time thanks to the Cracked Blue Eye Orbs[17]. The victorious knights would be rewarded with miracles from the ancient gods of Anor Londo[18] like Wrath of the Gods[19] and Bountiful Sunlight[20] that had been lost or jealously guarded elsewhere in Drangleic, again implying that Heide's founders had inherited a strong relationship with the knowledge of the city of the gods. Another element that proves the connection between Heide and Anor Londo is the fact that the Cathedral of Blue is defended by an Old Dragonslayer[21], whose appearance and artifacts are identical to that of the knights who served Dragon Slayer Ornstein[22], thus implying that some of them or knowledge of their heritage had come to the city of Drangleic.

The Heide civilization was also highly advanced not only in architectural capabilities but also in metallurgy, producing a special alloy that made their weapons very durable and whose composition still remains a mystery to Drangleic craftsmen to the point that their attempts to imitate it resulted only in a similar bradded steel[23].

However, at a certain point, Heide was struck by a cataclysm due to the rise in sea levels the city faced and most of it ended up subsumed by the water[24], forcing the inhabitants to abandon it[25]. Consequently all records dating back to its history were lost and the inhabitants of Drangleic were even unable to understand whether the name "Heide" referred to a land or kingdom and could only understand tell the fact that the Way of Blue had originated in the lost city[26].

Although the city remains a pile of unsafe submerged rubble, the upper part of the city and the Tower of Flame continue to exist and host the headquarters of the Blue Sentinels with Targray at its command. The organization would continue to exist to protect the members of the Way of Blue[27], testing the adventurers who arrived in Heide and were confronted by the remaining Heide Knights and Old Knights[28].

Artifacts originating from Lordran and connected to the ancient deities can still be found among the rubble, yet more proof of Heide's origins, like Lloy's Talismans[29]. and Divine Blessings[30].

Adjacent locations[]


  • Heide's Ruin - The first bonfire is located to the right of the area entrance if arriving from Majula, down a set of stairs near an Old Knight.
  • Tower of Flame - The second bonfire is located above the Dragonrider and cannot be accessed until he is vanquished.












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