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Headshots are from of critical attack and a gameplay mechanic in Dark Souls.

General information[]

Headshots are performed by shooting either a bow or crossbow at the enemy's head. If it connects it will deal extra damage and usually stagger the enemy. When used against humanoid enemies, such as other players, headshots will always stagger regardless of one's Poise. The amount of bonus damage depends on the type of headgear the stricken person wears. Interestingly, players wearing the Bloated Head take the same amount of headshot damage as someone wearing no headgear at all.

Crossbows are not well suited for headshots due to the difficulty of precise aiming.

High Headshot damage (+50%)[]

Medium Headshot damage (+30%)[]

Any open-faced headgear made out of sturdier materials such as stone, iron, steel or other metals.

Low Headshot damage (+10%)[]

Any headgear made out of sturdier materials that provides full protection to one's face.

Shooting a limb will deal the same amount of bonus damage, but will not stagger the enemy.