Havel's Armor
Havel's Armor
Def atk phy 92.0 Def sorc mag 56.0
Def atk strike 78.2 Def sorc fire 54.0
Def atk slash 105.8 Def sorc lght 49.0
Def atk thrust 92.0
Def res poise Def res bleed Def res poi Def res cur
47.0 45.0 11.0 22.0
Weight 19.5
Durability 900
Type Chest Armor
For the Dark Souls II variant, see Havel's Armor (Dark Souls II).
For the Dark Souls III variant, see Havel's Armor (Dark Souls III).

Havel's Armor is a chest armor piece in Dark Souls. It is part of Havel's Set.

In-Game Description

Armor worn by Havel the Rock's warriors. Carved from solid rock, its tremendous weight is matched only by the defense it provides.
Havel's warriors never flinched nor retreated from battle. Those unfortunate enough to face them were inevitably beaten to a pulp.


Found in a chest, in a basement hidden behind an illusory wall in Anor Londo. The wall is the blocked off opening to what looks like an old fenced off fireplace.


Cannot be reinforced.


  • In the Spanish version of the game, the description of this armor, and the whole set, are changed to that of the Brass Set.
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