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The Greatsword Phantom is a dark spirit in Dark Souls II.


The Greatsword Phantom wields a Greatsword and Orma's Greatshield, and wears the Llewellyn Set with the Drangleic Helm.

He also notably has the red aura of high-ranking members of the Brotherhood of Blood.


The Greatsword Phantom stands guard in front of the fog door to the Executioner's Chariot.


The Greatsword Phantom is a very dangerous enemy, especially for newer players who are unaware of his location outside the boss area. His Greatsword offers him a lot of range and inflicts heavy damage should he manage to hit the player. He will try to sweep at the player if they go around him. This dark spirit does roll often, even if not being engaged by the player, and his attack patterns are very erratic, making him a dangerous opponent.

Despite having a greatshield, he rarely uses it to block, occasionally even preferring to ignore it entirely and two-hand his Greatsword.

An easy way to defeat him (especially for low level players) is to bring enough Throwing Knives and follow these steps:

  • Shoot an arrow or throw a knife at him and quickly retreat to the hanging bridge.
  • Once you cross the first gap on the bridge, the phantom will raise his shield and linger for a moment, take this opportunity to lock-on to him.
  • He will eventually start walking back toward the fog gate, turning his back at you. Quickly throw a knife at his back (make sure you throw the knife while he's retreating and not when he has his shield up to ensure full damage).
  • Retreat across the bridge's gap again, wait for him to de-aggro and repeat the process until you kill him (about 25~30 knives should suffice).


  • The Greatsword Phantom does not actually invade the player, but instead is already spawned outside the Executioner's Chariot boss room, so the player should not expect any kind of warnings before seeing him.
  • This enemy can be poisoned, so Poison Arrows and/or Poison Throwing Knives are very useful for dispatching him.