The Great Swamp is a mentioned location in the Dark Souls games.

Lore[edit | edit source]

A land of rugged grasslands and treacherous swamps,[1] the Great Swamp is famous worldwide as a land of pyromancy practice. The natives of the Great Swamp are looked down upon by most due to their atypical looks[2] and lifestyle, for which they are unwanted[3] and even considered heretics.[2] Many pyromancers (referred to as "swamp pyromancers"[4]) come from the Great Swamp, to the extent that the practice of pyromancy is well accepted in this land, unlike most other places outside of Lordran.

Its ancient symbol depicts twin snakes.[5]

The reason most pyromancers have settled within the Great Swamp is that Pyromancy requires one to be attuned with nature,[6] and the Great Swamp is an abundant store of nature.[6]

While those of the Great Swamp are persecuted as heretics for their practice of pyromancy, even those within the Great Swamp consider some uses of the art heretical, such as the pyromancies created by Eingyi.[7]

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References[edit | edit source]

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