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For the Dark Souls variant, see Great Fireball.

Great Fireball is a pyromancy in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

The strongest form of Fireball. Creates a giant fireball that is hurled at foes.
The exalted flame, long pined after. Even if it would scorch our very flesh.


General Information[]

This spell conjures a large fireball which is hurled at the target. The fireball deals good fire damage and has splash damage. This can be considered a pyromancer's bread and butter spell, similar to how Great Heavy Soul Arrow can be considered the same for a sorcerer, though this spell does have fewer casts per slot.

Attunement milestones[]

Like all other spells, the amount of casts per slot increases upon reaching certain Attunement milestones:

Attunement Level Amount of Casts
10 3
32 4
49 5
94 6
Acid SurgeChaos StormCombustionDance of FireFire OrbFire TempestFire WhipFireball
Fire SnakeFirestormFlame SwatheFlame WeaponFlash SweatForbidden SunGreat Chaos Fireball
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