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For the Dark Souls variant, see Great Chaos Fireball.
For the Dark Souls II variant, see Great Chaos Fireball (Dark Souls II).

Great Chaos Fire Orb is a pyromancy in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Art of the Flame of Chaos, from Ancient Izalith. Hurls a great chaos fire orb.
Chaotic flame melts even great boulders, and creates a brief surge of molten lava on impact.
The Witch of Izalith and her daughters birthed the Flame of Chaos, but it devoured them along with their home.


Sold by Cornyx of the Great Swamp for 10,000 souls once he has been given the Izalith Pyromancy Tome.


Hurls a large Chaos-infused fire orb at the target; whether they are hit by the projectile itself or caught by the explosion on impact, targets will take 3.3 times the Spell Buff of the catalyst as Fire damage. A pool of lava will persist at the impact point for 3 seconds, inflicting 1.5 times the Spell Buff of the catalyst as Fire damage for as long as any enemy makes contact with it.

Due to peculiarities in scaling it doesn't benefit from the Faith scaling of a Pyromancy Flame unless a minimum level of Intelligence has been reached: starting at 22 Intelligence for a +0 Flame and gradually going down to 18 Intelligence for a +10 Flame.

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