Gravelord Greatsword Dance is a miracle in Dark Souls.

In-Game Description

Miracle known only by the servants of the first dead, Gravelord Nito. Giant Gravelord swords jut out in vicinity.
Many have died, and many eyes were claimed to realize the Greatsword Dance, a Gravelord ritual known only by his closest servants.


General informationEdit

Much larger spikes than the regular Gravelord Sword Dance and more damaging.

Gravelord Greatsword Dance has 40 "uses" per copy. Each cast of Gravelord Greatsword Dance causes up to 20 spikes to jut out of the ground in the general vicinity of the player, dealing high damage and knockback. Each cast of Gravelord Greatsword Dance uses 20 "uses", with one use per spike. If the caster is interrupted while using this miracle, only some of the 20 "uses" will be cast. Gravelord Greatsword Dance has a notably high starting lag, and players are immobile for the second half of casting it.

Leaving the Gravelord Servant covenant does not prevent usage of this miracle, but the player loses any rank-dependent benefits.

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