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Grave Warden Agdayne

The Grave Warden, Agdayne

Grave Warden Agdayne is a character and merchant in Dark Souls II. He is voiced by Patrick O'Kane.


As a Fenito, Agdayne watches over the Undead Crypt and its deceased to make sure they are properly kept in their rest and not disturbed. He was granted this task by "the one who gave us the first death". He mentions a "king of light" from an age long ago who was afraid humans would create an age of dark. The king he mentions is likely Gwyn, Lord of Cinder.


When approached, Agdayne will tell the player that they may not produce light. Wielding a lit torch or using Cast Light within this room will cause him and his fellow Grave Wardens to attack the player.

After conversing with him, Agdayne will give the player access to his wares, and he will become available as a summon against Velstadt, the Royal Aegis.


  • Found a short distance into the Undead Crypt. Upon entering the room he is in, he will warn the player against producing light.
  • His summon sign is found on the left side of the large room before Velstadt's chamber.

Character information[]



Item Agdayne's Kilt
Agdayne's Kilt
Drop Rate Guaranteed

Health and souls[]

Health Souls
??? ??? 4,000 8,000


  • He will give the player his personal katanaDarkdrift, and his armor set if spoken to after acquiring the King's Ring.
  • The three Grave Wardens near him are passive as long as the player does not have an active light source.
    • Attacking a Grave Warden will aggro all three of them, but Agdayne himself will not become hostile unless the player attacks him directly or brings a source of light into the room. The Wardens will be passive again once they are respawned.
  • If the player summons a phantom and the latter enters the room with a torch or uses Cast Light, Agdayne won't attack. However, if the torch-carrying Laborer found near the beginning of the area is led to Agdayne, it will aggravate him.
  • Absolving sins through Cromwell the Pardoner will make Agdayne passive again, if the player, in any way, provoked Agdayne to attack them.


  • Agdayne mentions he was created by the "first of the dead", implying the possibility he and his fellow Fenito were created by Gravelord Nito.
  • Despite having the Darkdrift as his personal weapon, he doesn't use it when he is summoned, instead using the Crypt Blacksword.