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The Grand Spirit Tree Shield is a medium shield in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

Shield of the blue spirit tree that and is said to possess divine powers.
Appears in the allegory of Quella, God of Dream, and can deflect spells by parrying.
Once there was a boy who was easily frightened, until the talking tree of dreamworld transformed itself into a shield to protect him.


The Grand Spirit Tree Shield can be found in a chest behind an illusory wall in Iron Keep. It is on the ledge after Belfry Sol, where the player can drop down to return to the bonfire. The Protective Chime is found in the same chest.


Can be used to deflect some spells when parrying. It has very high elemental defenses, but at the cost of lower physical defense. If used as a weapon, the shield has a C lightning rating with a damage of 67 which is relatively high for a shield.

It can be seen as a stronger version of the regular Spirit Tree Shield. It has notably higher elemental defenses, but at the cost of lower Stability and minute increases to both the Strength requirement and weight. The Spirit Tree Shield is also upgraded with standard Titanite, while this shield upgrades with Twinkling Titanite.


  • Like all shields with spell parry, parrying emits a faint sphere of light from the player.