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The Grand Archives (大書庫 Daishogo, The Great Library) is a location in Dark Souls III. It is a subsection of Lothric Castle.


The library's layout consists of six floors:

First floor

Second floor

Third floor

  • Kickable shortcut ladder to the second floor, from where the Avelyn can be reached by jumping on top of a series of bookcases below.
  • Lever between two bookshelves near the front-central railing and guarded by several Clawed Curses. Pulling it reveals a hidden corridor on the second floor with a chest containing a Titanite Slab.
  • Ladder that connects to the fourth floor on the balcony.
  • Second wax vat upstairs and to the left.
  • Hidden area revealed by pulling a lever to the right of the wooden bridge (must be reached from the fourth floor), with a corpse sitting on a chair holding the Scholar Ring.
  • Wooden bridge where the final confrontation with the Crystal Sage is more likely to take place (the bridge reaches the fourth floor's level at its highest section).

Fourth floor

Fifth floor

Sixth floor

  • Corpse holding the Fleshbite Ring at the end of the corridor filled with Clawed Curses on the right.
  • Exit from the library to the roofs section.
  • Undead Bone Shard on a corpse sitting on a chair on the rear-central area (after coming from the roofs section).
  • Kickable shortcut ladder to the fifth floor.
  • Third wax vat near to the library's main exit.
  • Ultra greatsword-wielding, red-eyed Lothric Knight in front of a balcony on the front-central end, guarding two Titanite Chunks.
  • Main exit from the library and to a courtyard where Knight Albert, Kamui and Kriemhild ambush the player.

Adjacent locations[]


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The Grand Archives is a subsection of Lothric Castle and comprises the following bonfires:






    • Inside a chest that is accessed from opening a hidden pathway behind a bookcase.
    • Awarded after defeating the three Gertrude's Knights at the top of the area.
  • Twinkling Titanite (×12)

* If required conditions are met.