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Four kings grab

One of the Four Kings performing a grab attack.

Grabbing is a gameplay mechanic in Dark Souls.

General Information[]

Grabs are unblockable, special attacks that can be performed by specific enemies and bosses. Although un-blockable, they are often telegraphed in advance and once recognized can, in most cases, be easily dodged.

Backstabbing and Riposting can be thought of as types of grab attacks and, like grabs performed by enemies, usually can't be interrupted and the initiator and the victim are invulnerable to outside interaction. One exception is the Four Kings, which can be damaged by white phantoms while in the middle of their Soul Consumption grab attack.

Most grab attacks cause some kind of damage, but can also cause loss of equipment durability in the case of Giant Clams and Chaos Eaters. The grabs performed by Darkwraiths and the Four Kings cause a loss of one liquid Humanity in addition to substantial damage. Black Dragon Kalameet's grab attack does damage, and applies an effect that doubles all damage taken during a short duration.

Grab attacks, such as the grab attack that Slimes perform, can be escaped early by rapidly tapping the light attack and the block buttons on your controller or keyboard.


When equipped in the right hand, the Dark Hand can be used by the player to perform the Lifedrain grab attack, which causes minimal damage to NPCs and steals a set amount of liquid Humanity. The amount of humanity stolen can be increased with ranking up in the Darkwraith Covenant.

Enemies with grabs[]

Enemies and bosses that can grab the player can be encountered in numerous areas.