For the Dark Souls III equivalent, see Dragonscale Ring.

Gower's Ring of Protection is a ring in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

The ring of the assassin Gower, who has killed a half-dozen kings, and several distinguished clergymen.
Reduces damage taken from behind.
For an assassin, whose own life is always at stake, the greatest liability is one's exposed back.


From the beginning of the foggy portion of the Shaded Woods in NG+ or after using a Bonfire Ascetic in NG, hug the right wall to find the corpse with the ring.

In Scholar of the First Sin, it will be dropped by the Executioner Chariot in Drangleic Castle without going into NG+, in addition to its previous NG+ location.


Gower's Ring of Protection reduces damage (including backstabs) taken from behind by half for up to five hits, after which it breaks. Its effect can be extended with the Bracing Knuckle Ring.


  • Gower's Ring of Protection is the heaviest ring in Dark Souls II.
  • Wearing this ring places a ghost on the back of the player.
  • Patch 1.06 reduced the effectiveness of Gower's Ring of Protection. It now only reduces the damage taken, no longer completely negating the damage.


Gower's Ring of Protection - 01

Gower's Ring of Protection - 01

Gower's Ring of Protection location.

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