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A Frozen Golem in Eleum Loyce

Golems are statues found in Drangleic Castle, Frozen Eleum Loyce, and the Throne of Want.


Golems are tall statues that look reminiscent of the Giants. When Vendrick stole a certain object from the Giants, he used it to create the Golems. Golems are powered by souls and should anything die near them, the souls of enemies killed will be absorbed by the Golems. When powered up, Golems will have blue light emanate from the cracks in their skin but when dormant look like simple statues.


The giant stone Golems are a creation of King Vendrick who used the object he stole from the Giants to create them. They are also the builders of Drangleic Castle, and throughout the castle they are used in a variety of ways such as torch sconces as well as door openers when powered with souls. In the Throne of Want, there are noticeably taller Golems that surround the Throne and upon Nashandra's death they animate and form a bridge to the throne.


  • It appears that Golems have a set action in which they complete upon their activation.
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