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Goblins (also known as Forest Grotesque) are enemies in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

Goblins are humanoid creatures that lurk in the Shaded Woods. These deformed monstrosities give a grotesque impression and do not appear to be products of a natural evolution; rather they seem to have once been human. What twisted force could have rent their humanity and left them in this sad state...?[1]


Goblins are grotesque humanoid creatures that either throw rocks or wield poison clubs. Individually, they may be weak, but groups can easily overwhelm players.

They have green-brownish pale skin with their veins visible at plain sight. Their most distinctive feature, however, is having a big, tumorous bulk protruding from their lower bellies.

They feed on the carcasses of foes and presumably make weapons with their bones.


These creatures are normally found in groups. If allowed to strike all at once, they can inflict poison fairly quickly on the player. A broad weapon with a high staggering power such as the Greatsword would work well on groups. Spells with long casting time will be ineffective, as they move and attack quite fast.



Uppercut: Slow uppercut swing. Inflicts poison buildup.


Slam: Slams its club downward. Inflicts poison buildup.
Flurry: Performs four consecutive swings with its club and then the goblin drops to the ground to recover for a long time. Can stun-lock the player, resulting in heavy poison buildup.


Rock throw: Lunges a rock with great accuracy at the player.


Pounce: Curls up for a moment and then leaps at the player, dropping and holding them onto the ground. Inflicts Bleed buildup.



  • The sling-wielding variety cannot be parried.




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