Giant Flies are enemies in Dark Souls III: Ashes of Ariandel.


Giant Flies are heavily enlarged flies with big red eyes. They are usually found in large numbers.


Painted World of Ariandel - one is met near first bonfire guarding a Poison Gem. Next there are 3 of them in Corvian Settlement. Large numbers can be found under Ariandel Chapel.




Their attacks deal physical damage, and some attacks can infect the player with Maggots (like Corpse Grub). Therefore, while facing them it is recommended to bring Bloodred Moss Clump or torch.

When encountered in the rotting basement of the Ariandel Chapel, several of the Giant Flies will likely fly at the player with great speed. Evading is the best way to avoid these attacks, as the player can become overwhelmed by sheer numbers if they try to attack the flies. One should be careful not to let themselves be cornered by the flies, as they can completely decimate one's HP if they attack all at once.


Item Human Pine Resin
Human Pine Resin
Drop Rate ???


  • Takes twice as much damage if hit in midair.



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