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"Mng. Hello. Forge, I can! Strong, I am!"
— Giant Blacksmith

The Giant Blacksmith is a character in Dark Souls. A simple but friendly being, the Giant Blacksmith offers players unique weapon upgrades. He is voiced by Daniel Flynn, who also voiced Solaire of Astora and Vamos.


In Anor Londo after rotating the bridge between the Bell Gargoyles, ascend some steps towards a large building guarded by two Sentinels and several Batwing Demons. The door on the left leads towards the Giant Blacksmith, but initially it is locked and can only be opened from the other side, which can be accessed only after clearing most of Anor Londo.

Remember to open the locked door leading back to the Sentinels, so it is easier to access the blacksmith from the other bonfire.


The Giant Blacksmith sells a variety of useful upgrade materials as well as weapons and armor, and is the only blacksmith that can upgrade down the lightning path (by default), the crystal path (after he receives the Crystal Ember), and make weapons from the souls of bosses. Many of the things he sells are exclusive only to him, such as Twinkling Titanite and Dragonslayer Arrows.


From the Giant Blacksmith's dialogue, it can be hinted that he had resided in Anor Londo before most of its denizens left.[1] It does not mention much other than that, though.

The Giant Blacksmith had a friendly relationship with Hawkeye Gough. This is hinted at the Hawk Ring found in a chest next to him, as well as Hawkeye Gough's friendly remarks about the Giant Blacksmith.[2]

His corpse is found in Dark Souls III in Anor Londo, on the same spot he used to reside. The Giant's Coal is found at his body.

Andre of Astora apparently knew him, as he says "I miss the old bugger, I do." when given the Giant's Coal. He also assumes the Giant Blacksmith already died a long time ago.


It is not recommended to attack him for he is very strong and the services he offers cannot be replaced. However, he is the only character to drop the Blacksmith Giant Hammer, and so must be defeated for completionists. He has the standard Giant moveset.


Located in the corner next to him is a chest containing the Hawk Ring. It is not necessary to kill him to access it, just roll right behind him.


Character information[]

Health and souls[]

Health Souls
1,812 3,171 3,000 9,000


Physical Defenses Elemental Defenses Resistances
Regular Defense Strike Defense Slash Defense Thrust Defense Magic Defense Fire Defense Lightning Defense Poison Toxic Bleed
210 210 210 210 130 117 158 D D D

These stats are sourced from FuturePress's Official Dark Souls Strategy Guide.


Item Wpn Blacksmith Giant Hammer
Blacksmith Giant Hammer
Drop Rate Guaranteed



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