The Giant's Kinship is a key in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

Each king has his rightful throne. And when he sits upon it, he sees what he chooses to see.
Or perhaps, it is the throne, which shows the king only what he wants.
The flames roar, but will soon begin to fade, and only a worthy heir might burnish their light. What is it, truly, a claimant of the throne could desire?


Obtained after defeating the Giant Lord.


Used to gain access to the second boss fight at the Throne of Want.


  • Recent Japanese translations reveal that the item's current name is a mistranslation and that proper name is "The Resonance With The Giants". It is not a physical item, but something the Bearer of the Curse gains from combating the Giants and the Giant Lord.
  • The original Japanese item description reads: "There is a throne fitting for each king. The view from the throne is known only to the one who sits upon it. Or does the throne show he who sits upon it what they want to see?".
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