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For gestures in Dark Souls, see Gestures.
For gestures in Dark Souls III, see Gestures (Dark Souls III).

Gestures are player actions in Dark Souls II. A few are received at the start of the game, and more are taught by certain NPCs throughout the game. Usually to learn the gesture one has to exhaust all dialogue with the NPC.

Unlike the first Dark Souls, players can cancel out of a gesture's animation by rolling or backstepping.

Learning all 20 gestures unlocks the Achievement/Trophy "Gesture Maestro", worth 50 Gamerscore or a Silver Trophy respectively.

List of gestures[]

Image Name Location Availability
Bow - Default.
DaSII Decapitate
Decapitate Shaded Woods Talk to the Head of Vengarl who can be found in the mist area.
DaSII DuelBow
Duel Bow Cathedral of Blue Talk to Blue Sentinel Targray after you've obtained a Token of Fidelity and joined the Blue Sentinels.
DaSII FistPump
Fist Pump Huntsman's Copse Talk to Creighton of Mirrah by the Undead Lockaway bonfire.
DaSII HaveMercy
Have Mercy! Undead Crypt Talk to Grave Warden Agdayne without having a Torch lit.
Hurrah! Forest of Fallen Giants / Memory of Vammar Talk to Captain Drummond in the Memory of Vammar
I Wont Bite
I won't bite - Default.
Joy Majula Talk to Benhart of Jugo after clearing the passage to Shaded Woods.
Mock The Lost Bastille Talk to Straid of Olaphis after you've freed him.
No Way
No way - Default.
DaSII Point
Point - Default.
DaSII PraiseTheSun
Praise the Sun Harvest Valley Talk to the Altar of Sunlight.
DaSII Prostration
Prostration Earthen Peak / Majula Talk to Laddersmith Gilligan after paying 2,000 souls for him to place a ladder.
DaSII PumpedUp
Pumped Up - Default.
DaSII Righty-Ho!
Righty-ho! - Default.
This one's me Drangleic Castle Talk to Chancellor Wellager.
Warcry - Default.
DaSII Warmup
Warmup Shaded Woods With the Ring of Whispers equipped, talk to Manscorpion Tark after defeating Scorpioness Najka.
DaSII Wave
Wave - Default.
DaSII Welcome
Welcome Majula Talk to Saulden, the Crestfallen Warrior.

Related Achievements[]

Image Name Description Points Trophy
Gesture Maestro Trophy Gesture Maestro Learn all gestures 50 Silver Trophy


  • The Alva Set is used as the avatar for the gesture options.
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