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For gestures in Dark Souls II, see Gestures (Dark Souls II).
For gestures in Dark Souls III, see Gestures (Dark Souls III).

Gestures are used by players to communicate with one another in Dark Souls. In the absence of having a voice-chat option, gestures and Carvings, with the addition of Artorias of the Abyss DLC, are the only way to directly communicate with another player short of sending a message.

General information[]

For practical purposes, gestures can be used by players to indicate to one another the right direction or action to take when at a junction. Gestures are more commonly used to indicate emotions, as well as for taunting.

Gestures require time to perform. During this time, the player is as vulnerable to attacks as if they were standing still. Gestures can only be cancelled by initiating another gesture, or being attacked. Therefore, it's best to perform gestures out of harm's way. (As of Dark Souls 3, gestures can be cancelled by performing any action or pressing any button and do not have to be completed).

List of Gestures[]

Name Availability Description Image
Point Forward Starting Gesture Player points forward. Point Forward
Point Up Starting Gesture Player points up. Point Up
Point Down Starting Gesture Player points down. Point Down
Beckon Starting Gesture Player gestures to come closer. Beckon
Wave Starting Gesture Player waves. Wave
Bow Starting Gesture Player bows. Bow
Proper Bow Acquired from Dusk of Oolacile Player performs a respectable bow. Proper Bow
Hurrah! Acquire from Andre of Astora Player pumps fist in the air. Hurrah!

Acquired from Domhnall of Zena (Starting gesture for every class apart from Cleric and Knight)

Player jumps with joy. Joy
Shrug Acquired from Petrus of Thorolund Player raises palms and shakes head. Shrug
Prostration Acquired from Patches (After he becomes a merchant) Player falls to their knees. Prostration
Look Skyward Acquired from Shiva of the East (After he becomes a merchant) Player lifts hand to their brow and looks toward the sky. Look Skyward
Well! What is it? Acquired from Oswald of Carim Player extends their arms and steps forward. Well! What is it
Prayer Acquired from Reah of Thorolund (Starting gesture for Knight and Cleric classes) Player drops to one knee and prays. Prayer
Praise the Sun Acquired from the Sunlight Altar
Obtained by using the Solaire amiibo in-game
Switch only
Player raises arms high in the air. Praise the Sun