Fume Sorcerers are enemies in Dark Souls II: Crown of the Old Iron King.


After the Old Iron King sunk into the lava, scores of men were dispatched to this land to tap the replete stores of iron. But they soon lost their nerve when faced with the child of Dark, and all but the most steadfast of them became servants of the black fog.


Fume Sorcerers are found throughout the Brume Tower in the Crown of the Old Iron King DLC.


Tall thin sorcerers, that use lightning based magic attacks and wield two small daggers, Umbral Dagger and the Blue Dagger. They are quick, and utilize the ability to teleport behind the enemy for a powerful backstab, when one approaches too close.


The Fume Sorcerer has relatively high elemental resistances, making sorceries, miracles, and pyromancies less than ideal. However, due to their naturally low poise, they can be easily stun-locked.

They should be prioritized during a fight, as the explosion from their lightning attacks can cause area of effect damage over a few seconds. This can make position during a fight difficult.

Despite being resilient against most forms of spells, Fume Sorcerers have rather low physical resistance, in addition to low poise. Swift melee attacks with moderate poise damage can usually keep them stun-locked indefinitely, and backstabs will usually kill them in a single hit.


Item Fume Sorcerer Mask
Fume Sorcerer Mask
Fume Sorcerer Robes
Fume Sorcerer Robes
Fume Sorcerer Gloves
Fume Sorcerer Gloves
Fume Sorcerer Boots
Fume Sorcerer Boots
Drop Rate ??? ??? ??? ???
Item Umbral Dagger
Umbral Dagger
Blue Dagger
Blue Dagger
Drop Rate ??? ???
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