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CotIK location Eleum Loyce
"My dear lord, a most true king. It was with his magnificent soul that he built Eleum Loyce... and contained the spread of chaos. But the Chaos would not be sated, and the king gave his own soul."
Alsanna, Silent Oracle

Frozen Eleum Loyce is a location in Dark Souls II: Crown of the Ivory King.


Eleum Loyce lies in a large, snow covered valley. Tall pine trees grow among the scattered architecture. A citadel stands at the heart, atop a large outcropping of rock with numerous sharp turrets.


Eleum Loyce is a land far to the north of Drangleic[1] with vast natural deposits of ivory ore[2]. At some point in the distant past, a fragment of the Bed of Chaos, the source of the Flame of Chaos and seedbed of the Demons, survived from Lordran and drifted to settle underground in the region[2]. It started to give birth to atrocities and monsters that cursed the region, leading people to flee in fear[3].

Not long after, following the collapse of Forossa[4], the highest ranking knight of its army abandoned his home and reached Eleum Loyce[5][6][7]. The proud knight saw the suffering of the population and decided to devote himself to the protection of that great land. And so he took his crown as the new leader of the country and started to fight the raging Chaos thanks to his powerful soul as their Ivory King[1][3][8].

The Ivory King thus trained his faithful Eleum Loyce Knights and commanded them to strike down each malformed terror that arose from the Chaos and eventually managed to contain it underground[9]. The Ivory King erected a Grand Cathedral to appease and stem the Flame of Chaos directly above the opening leading to its infernal depths[1] and around it he then built the fortress city of Eleum Loyce[10]. The Garrison Ward was also built around the cathedral city as a protective wall to fend off the creatures of Chaos, and it was defended by the sorcerers[11] and knights of Eleum Loyce[12]

With the threat of Chaos temporarily contained the Ivory King was able to build his kingdom[3] and he governed it as a true and ever-merciful monarch [8], dedicating himself to protecting his land and being the first to swing his sword in times of need[5]. He curiously kept his countenance from his people and his Knights dutifully followed suit, never unhinging their helmets in public view[13]. The kingdom of Eleum Loyce continued to exist with the aim of containing the Chaos and the terrors it generated[14] and its knights became the devoted guardians of the land, delving valiantly into the depths even if that meant never to return[15]. The Ivory King, who came into contact with the magical arts of the nearby Drangleic[16], also built Rampart Golems and granted them life, charging them with the containment of the creatures of Chaos within the boundaries of the wall[17].

At some point Alsanna reached Eleum Loyce and became close to the Ivory King. She was in truth a fragment of the Dark Soul of Manus, Father of the Abyss, that, despite the fact that he had been killed centuries in the past, had retained some of his will and power[18][19][20]. Alsanna was born as the incarnation of Manus' fears and despite being a frightened and frail thing[20] she managed to to coalesce once again absorbing the other humanities[21], and then obtain the shape of a human, with her own self-awareness. To sustain herself and seek more power, she sought the holders of magnificent souls[22], drawn to their awesome strenght[23]. Alsanna thus sought the Ivory King to sustain herself and smother her innate fear and was accepted by him, quietly finding a place at the side of the leader of Eleum Loyce[24] where he provided her comfort and she accepted Eleum Loyce as her home.[20][25]

In addition the Ivory King was served by seven beasts infused with wondrous souls and each of them were conferred a specific duty[26]. Aava became the guardian of Alsanna as the King's beloved child[26] while Lud and Zallen were tasked with the mercy killing of exiles[27]

However the flames of Chaos would not be sated and the Ivory King was forced to use the power of his own soul to keep it at bay[3]. Over time he was drained of his vigour and when he sensed the degradation of his power[1] he decided to plunge into Chaos' heart in an attempt to reduce its flames alone [28]. He decided to leave without a word to his subjects and left everything to Alsanna who had now found her place at his side[1], conferring a sword inscribed with the name of the land to her[24]. In the end, despite the remnants of his strong soul, even the Ivory King lost the battle against Chaos and was devoured by its flames, becoming an empty husk controlled by them[8].

After their King was consumed by Chaos, many of Eleum Loyce's faithful knights decided to follow him and put him out of his misery[29], as his orders were to eliminate each malformed terror that arose from the flame, and they would thus not hesitate even it were their own leader[9]. Sir Fabian led the loyal knights straight into the depths of the Old Chaos to exterminate its terrors one last time, however the mission proved to be a failure and not one of the selfless knights returned[2]. The souls of the knights were taken by Chaos and corrupted[30], leading them to lose all sense of purpose and being, left in them driven only by the urge of expuning any who might disturb the flames, even if they were former compatriots[31]. With their armor charred and burnt black by fire and still burning in agony they remained as empty shells controlled by the Chaos alongside their once-proud king[32]. However a few woeful suls were able to sneak back home guided by the last faint vestige of self[30].

As a last resort to stem the advance of Chaos, the decision was made to "flung open" the ivory gates of the fortress of Eleum Loyce. Alsanna, as the heiress to her Lord's wishes and in reverence of the apocalypse, devoted herself and the power of her Dark Soul to a ritual in the hopes of appeasing the raging flame[20][25]. As a result the entire land of Eleum Loyce grew cold and lifeless turning into a frigid expanse, in an attempt to freeze Chaos along together with the entire country, thus sacrificing it[14][17]. The Knights of Eleum Loyce thus remained to watch over the Garrison Ward faithful to the King's final order of containing the Chaos and so did the Rampart Golems[12][17][15]. The King's dutiful subjects waited patiently for his homecoming and the knights of Eleum Loyce for a new leader strong enough to guide them into Chaos, even as they were frozen over,[29] while Alsanna remained in prayer inside the Cathedral over the depths to continue the ritual to keep the Chaos contained[28]. To help the city oracle preserve the ritual, an order of priestesses was established that watched over their city. They replaced one of their birth eye with the eye of the first of them to allow them to see even the most hidden things but returning it after their term was complete[33]. The priestesses had an order of Retainers that attended to them with magical staff and swords but after many centuries of dutiful watch the priestesses were gone, leaving the retainer with no purpose to wander the land[10].

Thus passed the centuries and, in the days of Drangleic, not one even remembered the very name of the Ivory King[1]. Although Eleum Loyce remained isolated from the rest of Drangleic due to its forbidding climate and the desolation that surrounded it, a magical shrine remained in the Shaded Woods near the Drangleic Castle who was able to connect the two kingdoms via a portal, access to the city permitted through a magical stone ornament kept by King Vendrick in his castle[34][35][36].



Adjacent locations[]


  • Outer Wall: The starting bonfire is located after opening the ivory gates with the Frozen Flower.
  • Abandoned Dwelling: Found by dropping from the second to the first floor of the house on the right, located at the open area with two Spellswords and three Retainers.
  • Inner Wall: At the entrance of the building located at the end of the long street that hosts the shrine where the Eye of the Priestess is found.
  • Lower Garrison: Between the Outer Wall and Abandoned Dwelling bonfires. After the square with a fountain, go to the broken bridge and take the elevator on the right (must meet Alsanna to melt the ice), leading to a courtyard with columns. Cross the courtyard, climb the ladder and head to the tower near the elevator.
  • Expulsion Chamber: Between the Abandoned Dwelling and Inner Wall bonfires (Garrison Ward Key required). On the left after the first Rampart Golem. The door to the bonfire is guarded by a Rampart Golem and three Undead Laborers.











Key items[]


  • After ascending the elevator in the golem and rat-infested area following the albino version of the Covetous Demon, shoot the boulder sitting at the top of the hill with an arrow. The boulder will roll downhill, killing the enemies on the bridge and closing the gap in it, creating a shortcut. Be careful to shoot the boulder from a bit further up the hill, otherwise it will strike the Bearer of the Curse as well.



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