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Frost is a negative status effect in Dark Souls III, inflicted by weapons, spells, or attacks from certain enemies within the game.


If Frost is inflicted on the player, a status bar will appear, indicating buildup. Once the bar is fully filled, Frostbite will be procced, inflicting instantaneous damage and an absorption penalty while reducing stamina recovery speed.


  • Player immediately takes damage equal to 11% of their maximum HP, plus 85. This damage can be prevented through the use of invulnerability frames.
  • -15 to stamina recovery speed.
  • Damage absorption is reduced by 7% across the board.
  • Immunity to further Frost build-up while buildup decreases. Buildup takes about 28 seconds to clear once procced.

All penalties go away once the status bar depletes. Alternatively, taking any form of Fire damage will instantly clear buildup. Any Fire damage taken during buildup will have no effect, it can only clear the status effect once it has procced.



Frost weaponryEdit

The following list contains weapons that cause Frost build-up:

Frostbite resistance improvementEdit

Frostbite buildup removalEdit


  • Frost is effective against all knights that can't inflict Frostbite, and enemies that still have flesh.
  • Frost build-up is the only status effect that cannot be altered through infusion, either positively or negatively.
  • Due to Fire damage instantly clearing the Frostbite status, one can alternate between a Fire and Frost weapon to repeatedly proc Frostbite on an enemy in order to inflict the burst damage.
    • It's important to note that there's no way for a weapon to inflict both Frost and Fire with the same attack without the use of bugs, meaning this strategy requires one to use a separate fire source, such as Firebombs, pyromancies, or a second, Fire-infused, weapon.


  • It is implied that Pontiff Sulyvahn is the source of almost all Frost items, except for the scythe Friede wields, due to his history with the painting.
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