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Frigid outskirts

The Frigid Outskirts is a location in Dark Souls II: Crown of the Ivory King. It is a bleak, arctic wasteland plagued by constant blizzards and inhabited by dangerous creatures.


The location can only be accessed after unlocking the door in front of the Expulsion Chamber bonfire using the Garrison Ward Key. Inside is a coffin that can be used to slide down the icy slopes and into the Frigid Outskirts. Once there, severe blizzards will begin to cycle every few moments, which inhibits the player's vision and cause Ice Stallions to spawn at random.

The goal is to reach the dwelling of Lud and Zallen, the king's pets, who are found in a pit some distance away. Along the way are various enemies who will attack and dilapidated buildings that contain loot.

Once at the outskirts, one cannot return to Frozen Eleum Loyce by normal means. The player must use a warping item or spell, die or make use of the warp point provided after killing the area bosses.

Adjacent locations[]







  • Mirrah Hat (corpse - outside the eastern wall of the first building)


  • Ring of the Living (corpse - along the right border of the chasm surrounding the boss room)



  • Each snowstorm has a duration of 28 seconds.
  • If the player is going the wrong way during a snowstorm, the game will usually let them know by spawning two Ice Stallions at once.
  • The second building houses a health-restoring pool activated via a Pharros' contraption.