For the character, see Forlorn Corvian Settler (character).

Forlorn Corvian Settlers are enemies in Dark Souls III: Ashes of Ariandel.


Deformed, avian humanoids that inhabit the painted world. Forlorn Corvians had come to accept that the painting needed to be replaced with a new version and were willing to let it burn. However the actions of Sister Friede forced them into living in squalor as the painting rotted away.

Although weak and lethargic creatures, they are capable of spewing poison at foes.


Found all throughout the Corvian Settlement.


Forlorn Corvians have low vitality and will often ignore the player unless they get too close. Their physical attacks inflict little damage although the larger variants can spew a cloud of poison and can be surprisingly aggressive when aggroed.

They will often play dead amongst the many corpses littering the settlement and will scream when approached, alerting nearby enemies to the player's location. The Corvian Knights roaming the area will attack and kill any Corvian in range although they will switch their attention to the player if they detect them.


Item Stalk Dung Pie
Stalk Dung Pie
Drop Rate ???



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