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Forest Spirits, or Witchtrees, are enemies in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

A ghostly entity that drifts through the Dark Chasm. Although its true nature and origins are entirely obscure, its twisted root-like appearance is somehow familiar...[1]


An ethereal sorcerer whose main role is to provide support to other, stronger enemies. A slow moving figure with a body that appears to be conformed solely of roots and who has an animal-like face or mask with two large horns. Comes armed with either a staff or chime and will start shooting diverse types or ranged magic at the player from a distance. It will also conjure buffs or heal other enemies in its vicinity.

In some rare instances, they may also cast Emit Force, which can be deadly in comprised areas where chasms abound.


Forest Spirits can be found throughout the Dark Chasm of Old, always providing support to a pair of black phantoms nearby. In this location, they can be farmed for Bonfire Ascetics.

They also appear in a section of Frozen Eleum Loyce, near the Lower Garrison bonfire. In this location, they have a chance to drop the Witchtree Branch.


Forest Spirit (staff)

Forest Spirit (chime)



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