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Forest Guardians are enemies in Dark Souls II.


Forest Guardians are located in the Shaded Woods, in the right fork of the Ruined Fork Road bonfire.


Invisible spirits that appear to resemble human NPCs, who attack anyone who ventures into the depths of the Shaded Woods. They attack with swords and crossbows. They also wear the Infantry or Black Leather sets.

They cannot be locked onto.


While traveling through the Shaded Woods, it's advised for players to keep their shields up at all times, as Forest Guardians can attack any time without warning.

Although invisible, if players retreat back to the Shaded Woods entrance, the outlines of the Forest Guardians appear to stick out from out of the fog, making it easier to locate and attack them effectively. However, be cautious when fleeing, as this will make one prone to backstabbing.

It is advisable to wear an armor piece that prevents backstabs, such as the Jester's Robes, Ironclad Armor, or the Old Ironclad Armor, as the Guardians are prone to backstab the player.