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For the Dark Souls II variant, see Force (Dark Souls II).
For the Dark Souls III variant, see Force (Dark Souls III).

Force is a miracle in Dark Souls.

In-Game Description

Common miracle among cleric knights. Creates shockwave.
This quickly-acting miracle inflicts no damage, but propels foes back and defends against arrows. Cleric knights use this miracle when charging into enemy mobs.


General information[]

A rather unique spell, Force creates a shockwave that emanates in all directions from the player, knocking over or staggering all enemies caught in the blast. The blast does no damage, but serves to slow enemies and give the player some breathing space. Force has a very short cast time, the fastest in the game in fact, so players can with practice integrate force into their core melee tactics with relative ease. It also renders all ranged attacks (be they magical or otherwise) harmless if timed right.

Force has a very short range, much shorter than its visual effect, so it may take some getting used to. Timing is thus essential when using Force. Force's range can be extended slightly through miracle synergy. Force also does not stagger large enemies such as Giants.


Force has a number of interesting applications. In PvE, it can help to temporarily incapacitate enemies, allowing players to either escape or prepare their next attack. In PvP, Force can be used in all sorts of ways. For example, successfully staggering hostile players with force at very close range can give players enough time to run behind them for the backstab. It is possible to reverse the knockback direction - if the player is locked onto an enemy but is facing the opposite direction when Force is cast, the enemy will instead stumble or fall towards the player as opposed to away from; meaning they are more vulnerable to a backstab due to how they are considerably closer. Force is visually very similar to a much more dangerous spell, Wrath of the Gods, and it can be used to intimidate and mislead enemy players into backing away from players. Yet another application of Force is purely environmental; it can easily blast enemy players off cliff faces for an easy kill, and it can demolish inanimate objects, getting rid of potentially hazardous obstacles.


Rolling at the right time against a Force user negates all staggering effect Force has. Staying away from cliff faces will minimize the chances of being blasted off. Force is much more dangerous in confined areas, so try to fight in open spaces against a Force user.

In terms of equipment, wearing very light equipment allows players to be knocked off their feet, granting invincibility frames; on the other end of the spectrum, using a shield with high stability will minimize the potential danger Force users pose.


  • Despite its apparent radial nature, Force has longer range in front of the player than behind them.