The Follower Sabre is a curved sword in Dark Souls III: Ashes of Ariandel.

In-Game Description

Great curved sword wielded by Farron Followers. Its great weight enables heavy-handed chain attacks.
The Followers brandish their swords to hunt warriors taken by the Abyss. Their technique is honed to face men, implying those yet to lose their human aspect are their likeliest prey.
Skill: Prying Wedge
A chain attack that wedges below foes and swings upward, breaking their guard. Strong attack can be used to follow up the onslaught with a fatal blow.


From the Ariandel Chapel, head back toward the bridge and cut it down. Climb down the ladder and continue on the rooted path. After several drop-downs, there will be a circular area with several roots leading downward, the Follower Sabre will be on a corpse above a torch-carrying Farron Follower.


On initial inspection, the Follower Sabre is not a very impressive weapon, as it uses the standard "heavy curved sword" moveset of the Falchion.

However, what distinguishes the Follower Sabre, besides its longer reach, is its weapon art, the Prying Wedge. This gives the Follower Sabre a niche where its brethren often have trouble, performing lightning-fast guard breaks. This serves to greatly augment its offensive potential, rewarding aggressive players who are able to put constant pressure on their foes.

Unusual for a curved sword, it can reach A scaling in Strength when upgraded and infused with Heavy. A quality build with Refined will still have a higher attack rating, however.


Attack Description
Weak Attack
Right-to-left slash with slight downward angle, followed by horizontal left-to-right slash.
Strong Attack
Delayed upward slash from right to left, followed by downward slash in the reverse direction.
Weak Attack
Two-handed horizontal slash, followed by horizontal slash in the reverse direction.
Strong Attack
Delayed overhead left-to-right downward slash, followed by faster upward slash.
Jump Attack Jumping horizontal slash.
Jump Attack
Same as one-handed.
Running Attack Very fast upward slash, short range but almost no telegraph.
Running Attack
Same as one-handed, only gripping sword in both hands.
Rolling Attack Fast horizontal slash from left to right.
Rolling Attack
Same as above, but puts whole body into rotation.
Kick Standard kick.
Weak Attack
Strong Attack
Mirrored version of one-handed weak attacks.


Reinforced with regular Titanite.

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