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For the Dark Souls II version, see Fog Door (Dark Souls II).

Fog Doors, also known as Fog Walls or Fog Gates, are found throughout the world of Dark Souls.

General information[]

Fog Doors act as a barrier between certain areas and are often found before boss encounters. They are activated after choosing to "traverse the white light".

Before boss encounters it is impossible to use them in the opposite direction. One exception is the first encounter with Seath, in The Duke's Archives. A player can use the Homeward Bone or the Homeward miracle to escape if they have realized they are unprepared for the boss encounters. Fog Doors will disappear once the boss is vanquished.

Boss Fog Doors and area Fog Doors appear to have some slight differences between each other. Area Fog Doors appear as a darker shade of smokey white compared to Boss Fog Doors which look more like solid walls of light.


When being invaded, Fog Doors appear in the general vicinity to limit the staging area. Players cannot dispel invader-activated fog doors by walking through them or otherwise interacting with them and are deactivated when it is a failed invasion or the death of the player or the invader occurs.


Other fog doors[]

Lordran fog doors[]

Oolacile fog doors[]


  • Traversing a fog door from the side not intended to be traversed from will give the player a message that says "Enter through the white light."
  • If there is any enemy near the player while going through the fog door, an animation sequence will take place. This animation resembles a backstab; however, the enemy will also pull the player out of the light before full crossing takes place.