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Focus Points, abbreviated FP, is a stat in Dark Souls III.

General information[]

FP is a numerical stat that represents the amount of points that allows the player to cast spells or perform weapon skills. It is depicted on screen as a blue bar between the player's HP and Stamina bars.

The amount of FP that a player has available is determined by their Attunement.

A determined amount of FP is depleted each time the player casts either a sorcery, a pyromancy, a miracle, or activates a weapon skill. When the player's FP reserves are insufficient to cast the required amount for one of the aforementioned abilities, the casting will not take effect.

Items that regenerate FP[]

Items that affect FP usage[]


  • With the patch 1.08, the player could still activate weapon skills even if there are little FP left. However, it does not apply to any kind of magic.