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Flynn is a mentioned character in Dark Souls II and a in Dark Souls III.


Dark Souls II[]

Flynn's Ring (DSIII)

The ring of Flynn.

In the times and region of Drangleic, Flynn was known as a legendary infamous thief[1]. His stories described him as a tiny fighter who packed a mighty punch and that even the most skilled warriors in the land failed to capture him[1]. In fact his ring allowed him to utilize the strenght of the wind" to proportionally increases his physical attacks based on how low was his equip load[1].

Dark Souls III[]

In the times and region of Lothric, Flynn was known as an euologized thief and hero among the weak and poor[2]. He was known for fighting with the strength of the wind at his side even though his admirers knew that this was little more than an idyllic fable.[2].



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