Flame of Lorian is a skill in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Lunge forward to transform smolder into flame, and follow with strong attack to launch flame across ground.


Upon activating the skill, the player gains almost instant Hyper Armor, refreshes Poise health back to full, and lunges down and forward while bringing the sword to their left. The first phase will also ignite the sword, buffing it with 80 Fire damage for 46 seconds. Inputting a strong attack while in this lunge animation will bring the sword into an upward arc that ends behind the player, sending forth a plume of flame and inflicting heavy damage to any enemies in front of the player while knocking them skyward.


Single PlayerEdit

This skill allows the player to bring strong focused damage onto a single enemy in front of them. Like the Greatsword of Judgment, it is also useful for buffing a weapon with innate elemental damage with additional damage of the same type, greatly increasing its effectiveness.


This skill is essentially a modified version of the upward Stomp, and as such can be used similarly. Performing only the first phase of the skill can quickly buff the sword for a combat advantage, and the flame plume can be used to catch enemies in the distance or to make terrain hazardous to navigate, forcing enemy players to either roll predictably or move in a different direction.