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For the Dark Souls variant, see Firebomb.
For the Dark Souls II variant, see Firebomb (Dark Souls II).

Firebombs are throwable items in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Bisque urn filled with black powder.
Explodes, inflicting fire damage.
Fire damage, which differs from physical damage, is highly effective against creatures of flesh, beasts, and other foes that might naturally have cause to fear the flame.



Firebombs are usable items that are thrown over the shoulder slowly, with short to medium ranges. There is an explosion of fire when thrown, doing maximum damage on direct hit and less damage otherwise. They have a small area of effect on explosion.


Many types of enemies, like hollowed humans and animals, skeletons and maggot-infested creatures, are weak to Fire in Dark Souls III. Additionally, some of them can be heavily staggered when attacked with Fire-based weaponry.

A notable example is a Pus of Man hollow found on the rooftops in the High Wall of Lothric, below the Tower on the Wall bonfire. This enemy can impose a real threat near the beginning of the game, being capable of chasing the player and kill them in just a few attacks. However, throwing firebombs at it will allow for ranged engagement from a safe distance, deal heavy damage and stagger it every time.


  • Useful against enemies weak to Fire, since they allow ranged elemental offense to non-magic users early in the game.
  • One can be traded with Pickle Pee in exchange for a Large Titanite Shard (only once per playthrough).

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