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Fireball is a Pyromancy in Dark Souls.

In-Game Description

Standard pyromancy of the Great Swamp. Hurl fireball.
The fire damage caused by fireballs makes them effective against corporeal beasts and Undead, who by nature fear flame.


General information[]

Hurls a Fireball at a location. Fireball has a very small blast radius, but anything caught in it will take full damage. Fireball is the weakest projectile pyromancy. Fireball has a somewhat long windup time that can be shortened with a high Dexterity level. It detonates automatically after traveling a certain distance, and will not deal damage if it detonated before it had time to reach a solid surface. Fireball deals fire damage for 2.0 times the player's Pyromancy Flame's magic adjust.


Although it is less damaging than its cousins, it can still deal a hefty percentage of most enemies' HP in NG with a well-upgraded pyromancy flame. The extra numbers of casts mean that Fireball is most well-suited to areas where stronger pyromancies would be overkill. Early in the game, Fireball will easily outclass any other form of attack in terms of damage until players can upgrade their statistics, Sorceries, and other Pyromancies enough. However, Fireball rather quickly loses its potency in NG+ and beyond.

In PvP, Fireball can be frustrating to use due to its small hitbox, relatively low damage, and its long windup time. Great Fireball is much more favored due to both radius and damage.