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Fire Whip is a Pyromancy in Dark Souls.

In-Game Description

Primal pyromancy taught by Quelana of Izalith. Sweep foes with fire whip.
The root pyromancy of Combustion, but much more difficult to wield.


Quelana of Izalith sells Fire Whip for 10,000 souls at Blighttown.

General information[]

Fire Whip has 80 "units" per slot; each cast uses 21 of these units. Fire Whip may be cancelled or interrupted, which will result in only a portion of these 21 units being used. Casting Fire Whip at less than 21 units left will result in a reduced version of the spell.

Casting Fire Whip causes a fairly short-range spray of fire to emit from the player, dealing fire damage for 2.6 times the flame's magic adjust to anything it touches. Fire Whip may hit multiple times. It has minor starting lag.

Fire Whip is surpassed by Chaos Fire Whip; however, it requires half the amount of Attunement slots and so may remain viable even in the late-game.


Due to its high damage, Fire Whip is popular against bosses. It is less popular against more numerous, weaker enemies due to the overkill damage and the increased likelihood of being interrupted.

Fire Whip is semi-popular in PvP due to its high damage. No other pyromancy barring Chaos Fire Whip and the variants of Firestorm deal quite as much damage per second as Fire Whip, making it an excellent pyromancy to use against staggered or distracted opponents. It may be tricky to use against a mobile opponent, though.