For the Dark Souls II variant, see Fire Tempest (Dark Souls II).

Fire Tempest is a Pyromancy in Dark Souls.

In-Game Description

Primal pyromancy of Quelana of Izalith. Erect giant fire pillars in vicinity.
The tempestuous raging flames resemble those summoned by the Daughters of Chaos when they challenged the ancient dragons and scorched the very earth.

Availability[edit | edit source]

  • Quelana of Izalith will gift the player this pyromancy after the player has defeated the Bed of Chaos.
  • Dropped by Quelana of Izalith if she has not given the pyromancy to the player yet.

General Information[edit | edit source]

Fire Tempest has twenty "uses" per slot. A full cast of Fire Tempest will expend 17 of these "uses"; attempting to cast Fire Tempest again will result in a much weaker spell. Using Fire Tempest causes many (17 in a full cast) pillars of fire to erupt from the ground in a large area around the player. The spell deals very high damage and most enemies that get hit by it will be knocked back, possibly into another flame pillar.

Fire Tempest has a very long windup time that can be shortened through improving the Dexterity stat. Fire Tempest and its cousins also have a distinctive sound accompanying its casting, which makes it difficult to surprise human enemies with. It may be canceled or interrupted if the caster is hit, in which case not all 17 casts will be used.

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