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Filianore is a character in Dark Souls III: The Ringed City.

In-Game Description

For the pygmies, who took the dark soul, the Great Lord gifted the Ringed City, an isolated place at world's end, and his beloved youngest daughter, promising her that he would come for her when the day came.[1]


Filianore is located in Filianore's Rest in the Ringed City.


Filianore is guarded by the members of the Spears of the Church covenant. They prevent trespassers from disturbing her slumber. Once the player defeats the Spears of the Church, they can enter the Filianore's chamber and touch the broken shell she is embracing. Doing so will awaken Filianore and transport the Ashen One to an endless, empty desert resembling that particular scene in the opening cinematic of the game, containing ruins of the Ringed City. While the exact nature of this location is unknown, Filianore's decayed corpse is found on the bed within her tower in the desert.


Filianore is a large woman with long, dark hair. She wears long, white robes and a silver circlet. She rests eternally on a bed, embracing a cracked shell which resembles an egg.

After the "egg" shatters, Filianore's body suddenly becomes worn and dry, with hollowed eyes and consumed appearance.


Filianore is the last daughter of Gwyn, Lord of Sunlight[2]. Her sacred symbol is a crest of young grass[3].

Unlike the other deities who resided in Anor Londo during the Age of Fire[4], she did not live there[5]. After having won the war against the dragons, her father Gwyn "gave" her as a gift to the Pygmy Lords together with a magnificent ringed city at the edge of the world[2]. Before leaving her in the Ringed City, Gwyn promised her that he would come back for her some day[2].

Throughout the millennia that followed in the Age of Fire, the Pygmies continued to worship Filianore as a goddess, building a church in her name with her as the matriarch[6]. Even the Pygmy Lords who possessed the Dark Soul[7] and ruled the city[8] relied on her for salvation[9].

At a certain point Filianore would have fallen into a deep sleep hugging a Vagrant egg[10], causing the appearance of a space-time barrier that isolated the Ringed City from the effects of the fading of the First Flame on the rest of the world[11]. The order of the Spears of the Church would thus be founded, which would employ knights with the aim of protecting the princess's slumber when her church was compromised by a trespasser[12] and maintaining the city's state of isolation and containing the Dark Soul within it[13], receiving Filianore's Spear Ornaments as proof of the fulfillment of their duties[14].


  • It is possible to theorize that her name doesn't contatin the particle "Gwyn" before the name, like "Gwyn-evere" and "Gwyn-dolin", the other known and openly recognized as legitimate children of Gwyn, because the king of the gods that abandoned her in the Ringed City at the end of the world[1], also severed her kinship ties. This is because a possible marriage of his daughter with a Pygmy Lord would have allowed the primordial human to become part of the family of the gods through the connection with Gwyn's daughter, in the same way as it had happened with Seath the Scaleless[15]. In this way Gwyn's "gift" of his daughter to the Pygmies became a symbolic gesture that held no political value.
  • It is possible to theorize that the space-time barrier that isolates the Ringed City from the effects of the fading of the First Flame is the result of the interaction between the "light" of Filianore and the "darkness" of the Vagrant egg she embraces, as the darkness can manipulate space[16] and light can manipulate time[17]. However, the mechanisms of this interaction and its origins are impossible to know.


Concept art[]



  • When the player is summoned as a phantom, Filianore's body is seen in ghostly form.
  • Though the egg-like object she cradles has yet to be concretely identified, the inside, particularly in the concept art, bears a fair resemblance to a Vagrant.
  • She is unable to be struck via any means other than initiating her cutscene, as any attempt to strike her will either be absorbed or deflected.
  • It is possible that the Ringed City the player explores is an illusion, with the real city having long been destroyed. This is suggested by the Pygmy King's dialogue at the beginning of the Ringed City: "If it is the Dark Soul thou desirest...Then seek Filianore's church, at the base of the cliff. There wilt thou the sleeping Princess waken. Her slumber, is a deceit...a lid, covering an overgrown privy; a prop to keep thee from the dark soul of thine desire" and later on, "If thou'rt yet human, the urge will soon begin to swell. To curse the gods, and bring ruin upon this accursed heap of dung." Despite this, the Ringed City prior to Filianore's awakening can still be visited like any other location, leaving it ambiguous as to exactly what occurred when she woke up.
    • After she awakens and the Ashen One is transported to the desert, Filianore's decayed corpse is found on the bed, suggesting that her own health may have also been part of this illusion. Should one revisit the Ringed City proper, Fiianore is no longer present.
  • It is possible that by touching the egg, the player is transported into the future, to a time where Filianore has died of old age. This is hinted at by Gael's weaponry stating he had fought "numerous battles" and Shira having spent "a long time" searching for the player.