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Felicia the Brave

Felicia the Brave is a phantom in Dark Souls II.


Felicia the Brave wears the Knight Set and wields a Heide Greatlance and a Tower Shield.


Felicia Portrait

Felicia the Brave's summon sign is located in the building before the third bonfire (Rhoy's Resting Place) in the Shrine of Amana.

Scholar of the First Sin[]

In Scholar of the First Sin, Felicia the Brave can be summoned as a shade in The Lost Bastille. Her summoning sign can be found near the switch that opens the gate to the hallway leading to the Ruin Sentinels.


Shrine of Amana:

  • Felicia will be very useful against the Archdrakes waiting outside the hut, but be mindful that the Shrine Maidens and the Archdrakes themselves will eventually overrun her if she is not assisted.
  • It is wise to kill the Shrine Maidens to ease the Archdrakes' attacks from killing her quickly. She will attack any enemy on sight, including Dark Spirits or Arbiter Spirits, and do excellent damage against them.
  • If her health reaches half, she will use her Estus Flask to heal herself, albeit very slightly.

The Lost Bastille:

  • Felicia is very useful in the battle against the Ruin Sentinels due to her ability to block attacks from the Sentinels and serving to draw their attention away from the player.
  • She will often attack repeatedly until she exhausts her stamina or is interrupted by an attack from a Sentinel. This often leaves her vulnerable to attacks for a short time.