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Faraam (ファーナム) is a mentioned character in Dark Souls II.


Faraam is the god of war and main deity who was worshipped in the kingdom of Forossa[1].

As the country was in a situation of constant conflict with other lands at its borders[2], "war" influenced their culture and their religion which in turn reinforced its warrior mentality, making their deity a central figure for their army and society. The priests of Faraam and Forossan sages were those who led the knights of the land into battle. They were wise men who obtained their title and role only after completing a rigorous journey of hardship to the north and were thus called "Northwarders" and worshiped as the agents of Faraam[3]. The most important order among the Forossan knights, the Lion Knights, wore heavy armor named after their god of war[1] which made them recognizable and famous, depicting a knight fighting an ancient archdragon on the helmet and that were blessed directly by Faraam, making them quite resistant against fire[1].


Faraam Helm (DSIII)

The helm of Faraam depicting a knight fighting a dragon.

  • It is possible to theorize that Faraam is the name that the people of Forossa used to continue to venerate Gwyn's firstborn after his name was lost over the centuries, as not only Faraam shares with the Nameless King the title of "god of war"[1][3] but the god was also able to bless the armor of Forossa's knights[1], whose helmet depicted a knight fighting an enormous dragon[4], implying that Faraam was not a "false" deity created by the legends of men[5] but an active entity in the kingdom that was capable of performing the miracles of the ancient gods[1]. In addition the "Lion Knights" of Forossa[1], sharing the lion title of Gwyn's firstborn first knight[6][7], were not only mighty but rabid fighters obsessed with fighting [2] and in general Forossan knights knew only war and not other ways of living, to the point that they didn't even knew for what they were fighting[2] just like the Nameless king had respect only for arms, and nothing else.[8]. In addition Faraam priests were those that led the knights into the battlefield, implying how the deity would guide them into the fights through his agents[3].



  • Unlike other "false gods" of Drangleic like Evlana, Goddess of the Hunt, that was just a brave hero who was skilled with a bow and turned into a deity through legends and myth.[5], Faraam was able to bless the armor of the Lion Knights of Forossa[1] and the Forossan sages were worshipped as his agents[3], implying that the god was not a "false" deity created by the legends of men[5] but an active entity in Forossa that was capable of performing the blessings of the gods and control a religious organization[1].