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Falling Bolt is a skill in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Hold axe high in air to gather fierce lightning, and smash ground to whip the bolts to the ground.


The wielder holds the axe high above their head and charges it with Lightning. After a short delay, they slam it to the ground, inflicting heavy damage to any enemy in front and knocking them down. The attack inflicts the weapon's full Attack Rating as damage upon impact, as well as a large area thundershock for 1.7 times the weapon's Lightning component.


Single playerEdit

This skill is one of the most destructive single attacks in the game, allowing the wielder to bring immense power crashing down on any target in front of them. It has a relatively long windup, but is difficult to interrupt and deals damage in an area, which can fell groups of enemies should they congregate in front of the player. The windup means that it is best used against unaware or stationary targets, such as when sneaking up on an enemy or punishing a boss's recovery frames after dodging their attack. While it drains immense stamina and FP, the knockdown allows it to be used on the same target repeatedly, which will almost assuredly guarantee killing anything the wielder sets their sights on.

Online gameplayEdit

The long windup of this skill makes it easy to roll through and punish with a backstab, so attempting to use it on a wary opponent is not recommended. Catching another player from around a blind corner, or when they're distracted by an ally, can quickly turn the tables in an invasion due to the immense damage wrought by the axe.


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